Is online PC backup really the ultimate option?

The developments of the internet have changed the world we live in. today, it is almost impossible to imagine a life in the 21st century without being able to do stuff on internet. And we are not only talking about socializing and entertainment. We are talking about doing business. You simply need to know your way round internet if you want to be considered literate these days. One of the major achievements of modern internet is the ability to back up your PC online. In this article, we will be talking more about this option.

As internet grew faster and bigger, certain companies and individuals saw an opportunity to provide people with a very useful service, this service being online PC backup. They have realized the advantages of this way of backing up your data and there is a reason why these are mostly successful businesses, at least those who are being run properly and professionaly.

The first advantage is that you do not need to have an actual medium on which you will store your data. You send the data via internet and it is saved on servers that are located wherever. This is also a great prevention of such unfortunate events which include the destruction of your computer and your external backup media simultaneously. These services allow you to be perfectly safe that unless an earthquake knocks out the server, you are safe.

In addition to this, these services provide you with the option to access your data from any place in the world. Internet access is enough for you to get a hold of your data without any hassle. Furthermore, these services enable you to share your backed up data with anyone you feel you want to share with.

However, there are limitations to this type of PC backup. For one, in most cases, you will be limited when it comes to the size of the files that can be backed up. For instance, most of the services, even the leading ones do not allow files that are bigger than 200 MB to be backed up. Also, if you are really paranoid about the safety and security of your data, you might find it unnerving that it is being sent via internet and stored god knows where. Finally, these are paid services although they are not expensive at all. In fact, when viewed objectively, the prices are more than reasonable.

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