Financial aspect of different PC backup options

It is no secret that financial aspects of pretty much everything are more important these days than ever before. Things are not going great for the most of the US population and we are looking for ways to save money. However, there are also things that may look a bit expensive on paper, but which are more than reasonable when you come to think of it. One of these things are definitely different PC backup options that you can choose from today. Here, we would like to look at the prices of different options and give you at least ballpark figures that will help you make a decision on which to choose.

In most cases, in order to do backup, you are going to need external media on which your data will be backed up. They come at varying prices. DVDs are not expensive nor are USB flashes. External hard drives were once very cheap and possibly the most affordable option when you take into consideration the size and the price. However, as floods destroyed a number of manufacturing plants, the prices have shot through the roof and hard drives are best not bought today.

If you wish to do your backup “manually” then you are not going to spend money on anything else but these external media. Your Windows, your MacOS or your Linux all come with their own inbuilt backup tools which are more than enough to do the job. Even if you do not want to do this and if you want to go even simpler, there is always an option of simply copying the files that you wish saved. This way, you will not be able to back up the entire system as you will need those PC backup tools in order to do this.

There are also special PC backup programs which have been developed with backing up in mind solely. These are much more comprehensive and they offer a plethora of options and features that inbuilt programs do not. However, for the most part, these are paid programs that can cost up to $50 or even more, depending on the developer.

There are also online backup services which do offer certain trial periods and certain limited options and features for free. Once again, if you really want the full service, you are going to pay. In general, you should be able to get all the storage you require and all the features you may wish for at the price of about $55, $60 a year.

As you can see, these are not some exorbitant prices, especially when you consider how much peace of mind these provide you with.

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