Beliefs that prevent people from doing proper and regular PC backup

It is funny how people have certain beliefs that do not even have to hold consciously. Still, these are little things that can prevent you from doing things that are good for you. For instance, there is the thing about regular exercise being essential for your health. However, in the back of your head, there is always that thought that heart attacks are not something that can happen to you. And then you find yourself in an ambulance thinking how you should have exercised regularly. While we are not saying that not doing your PC backup is going to get you into a hospital, there is a similar mechanism going on there.

First of all, people tend to believe that their computer is not going to crash or go bust in any way. They think that their PC is for some reason immune to this. Some of them believe that they are simply that lucky, while others believe that they have taken all the measures of precaution that will prevent things like this from happening. However, the reality is such that you can never be certain that this is not going to happen. The internet has become so infested with all the different types of malware that it is near impossible to keep your computer completely clean. Remember, for every new antivirus software update, there are dozens of malwares that were designed to circumvent this defense.

Also, there are people who believe that their computer contains nothing that should be backed up. These can be people who use computer for nothing more than playing video games or who use it for nothing more than listening to music. However, even those people have something that would best be backed up. For instance, having to go through the entire game from the beginning just because your saves were not backed up, or having to listen to radio until you can buy your music back. It can all be quite annoying and it can also be avoided very easily.

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